The new way for healthcare providers to engage with the life sciences industry that is convenient, transparent and impactful.

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Why Should I Advise with KeyOps?

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Easy to Use

Answer a few short questions about yourself and get verified instantly. We customize engagements based on your expertise to complete whenever you have time. Never longer than 15 minutes!

Fair Compensation

Ditch the paperwork, laborious contracts, and pre-qualifications. Get paid fair market value for your expertise and advise at arm's length from life science and pharmaceutical companies.

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Help Patients

In the end, you’re helping patients access the care they need.

Testimonials From Your Peers

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An enjoyable and remunerated way of both learning and giving feedback to improve interactions, including communication and exchange of information.

Dr. Philip Baer, Rheumatologist
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KeyOps sets themselves apart from other medical survey companies, because they truly respect a physician's value and their time when it coms to completing medical surveys. KeyOps provides exceptional compensation for survey completion, and curates surveys that are concise and relevant to my medical practice. The platform used by KeyOps is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate and their loyalty program engages me to be more involved. I always look forward to seeing a KeyOps survey notification in my inbox!

Dr. Sofia Nastis, General Practitioner
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KeyOps is really easy and efficient way to engage with the life science industry. I've really enjoyed being part of this community.

Dr. Talia Zenlea, Gastroenetrologist
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KeyOps has become my preferred source for physician engagement. Compared to other platforms, KeyOps is overall more user-friendly and respectful of time. Their surveys are well designed, simple, practical, and relevant to exploring unmet needs in the modern dermatological landscape. Plus, by being Canadian-led, they are able to effectively capture diverse experiences of clinicians, where we also can provide a voice for our patients. Thank you KeyOps!

Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis, Dermatologist
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Engaging with KeyOps has been a dramatic improvement compared to other survey companies. Other companies often have exceptionally poor customer support, half-year long time frames for reimbursement and inaccurate time frames for survey length. KeyOps delivers on short surveys, mobile optimized and rapid reimbursement. KeyOps is simple, efficient, and optomized.

Dr. Sunny Singh, Gastroenterologist

Built by Physicians for healthcare providers

KeyOps is pharmaceutical market research the way it should be: On your terms, and portable. Say goodbye to long surveys, 3-hour physician advisory board meetings, long ATU research surveys, and video conferencing with all its technical glitches (and yes, your microphone is on mute).

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How long does each engagement take?

To reduce time-to-insight, each of our engagements are designed to be short. They can be anywhere from 1-10 minutes and we’ll always tell you upfront.

What is considered an ‘engagement’?

Generally a HCP engagement is a short industry survey, but can also be in the form of one-on-one consulting, or qualitative commentary on existing data.

How much would you pay me for each engagement?

Payment for the engagement depends on time commitment, the breadth of expertise, and urgency. Historically we’ve compensated between $25-200.

How will I receive payment?

We’ve made a promise to protect you and give you the best experience to share your expertise in your terms. You will receive secure payment via email transfer (e-transfer) from KeyOps within 1 business day.

Do I need to be technically savvy to work with you?

Our life science market research platform is easy to use and only needs a username (aka email address) and password to get started.

Why are engagements blinded?

To ensure we capture unbiased opinions and expertise, we do not reveal the sponsoring life science company’s name unless appropriate to do so.

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