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Transforming the relationship between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and life science companies.

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The Insights Platform Preferred by HCPs

In the healthcare industry, physicians, allied health professionals and life science executives play very different roles. But they share one thing in common: They’re frustrated by traditional methods of insight generation.

The complex scheduling. The long waiting periods. The awkward dinners. In an era when technology has reinvented the way we connect with the world, the relationship between physicians and life sciences partners remains largely unchanged.

That’s why we founded KeyOps – to transform the way HCPs interact with life science companies. Our innovative, digital-first approach to pharmaceutical market research removes the friction in these relationships, unlocking the immediate exchange of insights from a trusted healthcare expert network.

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Our Mission

For life science partners, scheduling advisory board meetings are a challenge; opportunities to gather insights through ATU market research are infrequent; and the data they collect is often lacking. And from an HCP's perspective, the work and time commitment required to share their perspective often isn’t worth the hassle.

At KeyOps, our mission is to transform the relationship between HCPs and life science companies – by creating an environment where strong, mutually beneficial partnerships are built.

Our Story

As physicians in Canada, Sam (Gastroenterologist) and Saeed (Cardiologist) were exhausted by typical life science market research engagements. Their lunches and evenings were overtaken by long meetings, and they struggled to maintain a work-life balance. This was exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they found themselves working longer hours and “Zoom fatigue” began to set in. In speaking with other physicians, they recognized they weren’t the only ones who were frustrated with how their time was being consumed.

From this observation, KeyOps was born. Our company was founded on taking a more physician-centric approach to engagement with life sciences partners. That meant less paperwork, more transparency, fair compensation, and quick engagements. It was created to help physicians make a bigger impact – by sharing their expertise in short bursts – while allowing life science companies to be more in tune with small market changes.

Today, the KeyOps network has grown to include thousands of healthcare professionals across the United States and Canada – who are trusted by the leading pharmaceutical and life science companies in North America.

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Company Highlights

Learn more about KeyOps, what matters to us and our place in the health tech ecosystem.

Our Mission & Values

Built by true believers we are on a mission to improve patient care by leading the digital transformation of product insights and market knowledge exchanged between physicians and life science companies.  

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Human first
We lead with empathy and value diversity and inclusion 
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We recognize that medicine is a team sport
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We are clear and open in our communications with all stakeholders
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We are honest and trustworthy in all of our interactions
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We believe that technology is a force for good in improving healthcare 
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Customer Focus
We recognize that our customers are the reason we are here and are committed to listen and respond to their needs

Meet The Team

Our dynamic and dedicated team brings a unique set of skills, experience, and perspectives to the table. Together, we’re committed to delivering exceptional results in the health tech ecosystem and beyond.



Dr. Sam Elfassy

Physician Marketing
Saeed Headshot

Dr. Saeed Darvish-Kazem

Product Management

KeyOps Team Members

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Curtis Fichtner

VP Business Development
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Erik Bracciodieta

Customer Success Leader
Kimberlite Rusyn profile picture.

Kimberlite Rusyn

Physician Marketing Lead
gabriel headshot

Gabriel El haddad

Software Developer
Andre Campbell profile picture

Andre Campbell

Customer Success Associate

Rachel Abitan

Community Engagement
and Loyalty Manager
Taylor Matheson Headhshot

Taylor Mathewson

VP Eng, Product & Design
Jordan Lee Headshot

Jordan Lee

Head of Finance
Rachel Rosario

Rachel Rosario

Physician Marketing Manager
Rachel Rosario

Andréa Fradin

Software Developer
Sarah Vortuba

Sarah Vortuba

Account Director
Dhruven Shah

Dhruven Shah

Software Developer
Joanna Morais

Joanna Morais

Product Designer
Jeff Ainsworth

Jeff Ainsworth

Head of Sales
Stephanie Oh

Stephanie Oh

Sales Development
Stephanie Oh

Rachel Stroud

Account Executive - US
Joanna Morais

Phuong Tran

Director of Physician Engagement

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