Reduce Time-to-Insight with KeyOps

Reduce Time-to-Insight with KeyOps

Reduce your Time-to-Insight and deliver real-time physician feedback to help life science commercial teams make data-driven decisions faster.


For life science commercial teams, physician insights play an essential role in making strategic business decisions. Whether you’re launching a new product, understanding prescription behavior, corresponding to sudden market changes, you have annual goals to meet – and reducing your time-to-insight can help you achieve them faster.

When using traditional methods of insight generation, such as engaging research firms and advisory boards, it can take months to gather any useful data. That’s why we founded KeyOps: To reduce the time-to-insight for life science companies, while creating a better experience for physicians.

Using KeyOps, physician insights can be gathered in a fraction of the time – with insights delivered in as little as five days. In this blog post, we’ll explore the value of accessing fast, real-time data, and explain how KeyOps’ tools and processes produce faster physician insights.

The Benefits of Faster Insights

The advantages of reducing your time-to-insight for physician surveys are clear: 

  • Respond to market changes. The healthcare industry is in a near constant state of change. When a disruption in the market occurs, life science commercial teams can find themselves in a difficult situation; left to guess about what their customers need or wait six months to schedule an advisory board meeting. In this scenario, gaining access to real-time physician insights can deliver a powerful competitive advantage. 
  • Get real-time feedback. Traditional approaches to physician engagement, like advisory board meetings, take time to schedule and plan in advance. But with KeyOps, you can initiate a physician survey anytime. Instant access to a targeted network of physicians means you can access the information you need – exactly when you need it.
  • Meet business goals. Your team has annual sales objectives and strategic goals to hit for the year. But if physicians aren’t using or prescribing your product in the right scenarios, reaching those goals can become a serious challenge. Faster access to physician insights unlocks the perspectives you need to make data-driven decisions –empowering your team to achieve better results in less time.

How KeyOps Reduces Time-To-Insight

We’ve found that the secret to delivering faster insights is all about creating a better experience for physicians. Here are six ways KeyOps boosts physician engagement to reduce your time-to-insight:

  • Short engagements. Time and scheduling commitments represent a major roadblock to gathering physician insights. The hard truth is that providers simply don’t want to block off several hours of their day to engage with a life science company. To overcome this challenge, every KeyOps engagement is intentionally limited to a commitment of 15 minutes or less. This short engagement time is backed by real-world data: We find that there’s a significant drop-off in responses after surveys pass the 15-minute mark.
  • No pre-qualifications. One thing that commonly irritates physicians is the process of qualifying to participate in a survey or engagement every time. Often, they can waste time answering pre-qualification questions, only to be told they aren’t eligible to participate. But when a physician joins the KeyOps network, we gather and track the information needed for pre-qualification in advance. So when a physician is invited to share insights with KeyOps, they know they are already qualified to respond and get compensated.
  • Transparent feedback. Physicians want to share their feedback with the life sciences industry. But many dislike the perception of being closely tied to, or influenced by, corporate interests. KeyOps provides a layer of anonymity between physicians and life science commercial teams. This allows providers to share honest, transparent feedback – without that “icky” feeling.
  • Immediate payment. Fast, fair compensation is an important part of reducing time-to-insight. When you use KeyOps, we quickly pay physicians the market honorariums on your behalf – sending payments within one business day of insight delivery.
  • Engaged network. Unlike some of our competitors, KeyOps is more than just a survey company. We pride ourselves on building an engaged network of physicians. Whether it’s rewarding top contributors through our recognition program or generating insights that give back to the community itself, we seek to build engagement at every step of the relationship.
  • Trusted reputation. Among physicians, we’ve built a reputation for being a great partner. With every engagement, we’re upfront about time commitments and payment. And physicians know their data will always be used safely and responsibly. This level of trust is one reason why our physician response rate is six times the industry average.

Unlock Faster Insights with KeyOps

Every aspect of the KeyOps solution described above helps reduce your time-to-insight. But when combined, they can transform the relationship between physicians and life science companies. The result?Insight delivery times that are measured in days – not weeks or months. To learn how KeyOps can help reduce your time-to-insight, schedule a demo today.

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