A Better Way to Capture HCP Insights

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KeyOps offers instant access to the targeted healthcare provider (HCP) insights you need to make critical business decisions. By tapping into our network of experts, you get real-time data – fast.

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Maximize the Return on Your Research Investment

With KeyOps, speed-to-insight is just the beginning. Our diverse, engaged network of experts ensures you not only get fast responses – but fast responses from the right physicians. This highly targeted approach improves HCP engagement, resulting in better, more reliable data than you’ll get from traditional market research firms or advisory boards.

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Capture the Insights You Need

From on-demand surveys to omni-channel testing, KeyOps gathers insights to empower data-driven decisions.

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On-Demand Insights

Quickly produce quantitative research from our diverse network of expert HCPs. KeyOps surveys are a great tool for understanding prescribing behavior, HCP perceptions, market opportunities, or attitudes toward your competitors.

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Qualitative Interviews

Get honest, transparent feedback from the HCPs that matter most to your organization by tapping into the KeyOps Expert+ network of diverse key opinion leaders and influencers.

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Omni-Channel Testing

With KeyOps, you can de-risk your marketing investment. Share drafts of your marketing and communication materials with the KeyOps HCP community to gather real-time feedback from your audiences. By learning what messages resonate, you can validate your approach or adapt your strategy to launch with confidence.

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Choose an HCP Engagement Level That’s Right for You

Access to the KeyOps HCP network is offered as an annual subscription, so you can quickly capture the insights needed to make better, faster decisions. Choose from two plan levels to align with your insight needs:

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Professional Edition

Tap into the KeyOps HCP network several times a year with a subscription package that starts at 4 engagements.

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Enterprise Edition

Benefit from an ongoing, more strategic approach to HCP engagement. Enterprise-level subscribers can initiate up to 12+ engagements throughout the year – helping you meet all your HCP insight needs.

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Get in touch with a member of the KeyOps team to learn how you can improve HCP engagement – and increase your speed to insight.