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Thank you to all the #physicians who participated in our recent survey on school reopening. We donated $500 to the SickKids Foundation!

On May 27th, Premier Ford asked medical experts to weigh in with their opinions on the province’s school reopening plans. 72 Ontario physicians from the KeyOps network answered the call in under 24 hours. Here are a few highlights of what our physician members had to say:    

- 93% believed that teachers should receive at least one vaccination dose before resuming in-person learning (42% believed teachers should receive two doses prior to reopening)
- KeyOps physicians were split on whether indoor instruction should resume before July:  55% said Yes versus 45% said No
- Family medicine experts were more assertive about reopening than other specializations (67% were in favour of reopening before July); likely due to their beliefs that one vaccine dose was sufficient for teachers to resume in-person learning.

We donated $500 to the SickKids Foundation and this wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support of our highly engaged network. A huge thank you to all our members!

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