Omnichannel Case Study:
Market Analysis of a Next Generation ICU Device

Background: A leading medical device manufacturer of ICU devices was preparing its launch strategy for a next generation ICU patient intervention device. The next generation device offers new features such as a self-regulating patient stasis setting, alerts, and wireless EMR integration.
African American woman views visuals of the device on her desktop.

We helped our clients answer:
Which features of the device are most appealing to critical care physicians and should be emphasized in marketing materials? What drives the perceived utility of its features?

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  • After reviewing the next generation device visuals, critical care physicians reported that features that alerted staff to patient status were of great value.
  • Other features, such as integration with ICU systems, were ranked lower in terms of value in part because of the institutional IT barriers to set up this integration.
Data analysis and verbatim thematic review informed a presentation that was shared with the client just one week later. Raw survey data was also made available to the client.

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The Result?

The client was able to understand what features to emphasize in physician market material, such as the advanced monitoring of its next generation device. Physician feedback on device integration suggested that multi-stakeholder sales targeting and engagement within institutions is necessary for the device to fully deliver its value to Canadian ICUs.

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