Assessing the Canadian Market Opportunity for a Novel Tumour Test

Background: A diagnostic testing provider partnered with a US-based clinical genetic testing company to boost its innovative offerings in oncology. Recognizing that the Canadian healthcare system and medical oncology practice is unique, KeyOps was engaged to collect insights that would inform the launch strategy and market forecasting. Emphasis was placed on physician perception of the test, its ideal use case in the patient journey, and the reimbursement landscape.

The survey was sent to KeyOps’ network of Canadian medical oncologists. In just nine days, 26 responses were collected from five provinces.

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Are medical oncologists in Canada willing to learn about a new genetic tumour test and discuss it with patients?
How many patients would be ideal candidates for this test from a clinical and private insurance perspective?

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  • Canadian medical oncologists are receptive to learning about new tumour tests, regardless of reimbursement coverage.
  • Novel tests are discussed with a minority of patients, and physicians report the ideal use case for the novel tests after initial treatment.
  • The value of the test would be in informing the decision to forego adjuvant therapy that takes place after initial treatment.
  • Physicians also provided their price expectations and what portion of their patients have private insurance coverage for cancer diagnostic tests.
Data analysis and verbatim thematic review informed a presentation that was shared with the client just one week later. Raw survey data was also made available to the client.

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The Result?

The client can proceed with a medical education strategy that targets a broad array of medical oncologists. Communication will focus on specific stages of the patient journey and the data that support the new test’s use in these stages. The pricing insight also helps forecast the size of the market opportunity.

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