The new way for physicians to engage with the life sciences industry that is transparent, convenient, and conflict-free.

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Join leading pharmaceutical and life sciences clients using KeyOps to gain insights.


On Demand Surveys

Rapidly gather insights from our network of physicians including prescribing behaviour, perceptions/attitudes, needs and historical interactions. We can also enrich this information with KOL feedback to help you make data-driven decisions with confidence.

  • Market Analysis

    Collect above-brand customer information to understand treatment algorithms, share of the market and awareness/education gaps. Ideal for launching new products, understanding unmet medical education needs, tracking implementation effects and complimenting your SWOT analysis exercise. Learn how to carve out your space in the market, and respond to unplanned market events. Here's the case study.

  • Competitive Tracker

    Collect competitive insights of how your investments are performing. Maintain a pulse on performance of your PSP and areas of unmet need for your team’s transformation.

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Omnichannel Test Suite

We know patient and physician tool development is resource intensive. KeyOps can help you measure or understand customer behaviour that isn’t tracked or apparent in your own data. We’ll work with you an/or your agency to upload working drafts of brochures, videos, conference materials, etc. to understand health literacy and user experience to iterate before release of your final product.

  • Strategy & Messaging

    Collect insights on customer understanding and sentiments for product positioning and instructions for use. Learn what resonates with your target customer segments, and respond to competitive messaging. Walk away with insights on how to change your marketing communications and sales dialogue. Here's the case study.