The Great Physician Indignation

in·​dig·​na·​tion : anger aroused by something unjust, unworthy, or mean

Complimentary to the CMA’s report on physician burnout doubling through the pandemic, we found that physicians have burnt out and are opting out of being a Family Physician.
  • Within 36 hours we filled three quarters of our sample size and closed the survey after just one week.
  • 9 of 10 GPs surveyed reported managing patient morbidities they don't typically deal with.

  • 75% of Ontario Family Physicians agree that the pandemic has intensified the trend of declining respect for physicians.

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Throughline Strategy and KeyOps felt there was a discontinuation of how the pandemic has affected our healthcare system, and specifically our frontline family physicians 2 years later.

We co-created a survey to shed light on some of the murmurs we heard about increased patient hostility and a related topic, physician burnout.

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“Sadly, just one bad encounter is all it takes to ruin an entire clinic day”

Ontario Family Physician Profile


Sample Size


Male respondents


Female respondents


Average years in practice

Key Takeaways:

  • 84% of Ontario Family Physicians agree that the patient hostilities have increased during the pandemic.

  • We were surprised at the fact that 89% felt some form of anger, frustration, or verbal aggression within the past 6 months. Can you think of any career in which this would be acceptable?

  • 140% more aggression encounters by female Family Doctors than male

So what?

  • How does this affect my sales training? Should we be offering emotional intelligence training based on these insights?

  • How can we ensure the best possible adherence for patients on treatments when the physician is not able to check in frequently? What role can my patient support program play (if any)?

  • How does this affect referrals to specialists? Does this create a bottleneck for patients?

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57% of patient hostility is caused by system capacity. Thermometer on left shows 57% full. Of the 57%, 23% complain about accessing specialists, 17% waiting for appointments and 17% waiting for a test.

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