Get rewarded for your expertise.

Why Become a Key Opinion Leader?

KeyOps rewards physicians for sharing their knowledge and expertise with organizations such as medical associations, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, market research firms, and even journalists. With KeyOps, you can turn any down-time into paid time through the convenience and flexibility of your smartphone.

Get Rewarded for Your Expertise

Share your insights by answering short, mobile-friendly surveys for instant compensation.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Become a subject-matter expert for some of the countries’ largest industry leaders and leave a lasting impact.

Private and Secure

By protecting your identity as a physician, KeyOps minimizes conflicts of interest and biases, allowing you to answer honestly and freely.

Rapid Surveys. Easy Payment.

Say goodbye to long, boring surveys and the frustrating paperwork needed to get paid for your time. With KeyOps, we deliver short, relevant questions straight to your smartphone, and you can get compensated in a matter of minutes.

Ready to get started?

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