The KeyOps solution for industry leaders.

Why KeyOps?

Leading industry partners such as medical associations, hospital systems, life sciences companies, and device manufacturers rely on KeyOps to create and deploy digital engagement tools including short, micro-surveys that can be rapidly answered by pre-screened, targeted groups of physicians and subject matter experts.

As physician preferences and practices evolve, you need to adapt to faster paced and remote digital engagements to keep connected to physician experts. Face-to-face interactions are fading; mobile engagement is the new reality. KeyOps suite of mobile first tools gives your team access to the minds of today’s physician the way they want it, when they want it - driving engagement through the only device they use throughout the day.

When Do I Need KeyOps?

Follow Up

Follow up after advisory boards, detailing, and conferences.


Acquire early buy-in on creative concepts and messaging.


Fact-check key drivers for clinical decision-making.


Cross-verify brand performance and positioning strategy.


Identify unforeseen risks and related impacts to your industry.


Share video, images, research articles and other digital content and receive feedback.

Benefits of using KeyOps

Created and led by medical and industry experts, our software platform connects industry leaders to trusted medical experts to guide rapid data-driven business decisions.

Access a Trusted Network of Physicians

Access an untapped and diverse range of subject matter experts hand-picked by other physicians, who are answering relevant, specialty-specific questions in real-time.

Mobile First Tools

Use a suite of mobile first tools to increase exposure to physician experts through their preferred channel of engagement replacing dated, expensive, time-consuming methods.

Customized to Your Business Needs

Control what you need, and when you need it. Select the sample size, define your target group, identify the number of responses, and set your deadlines.

Rapid Response Time

Quick feedback is what you need to move your business forward! KeyOps is designed to provide an instant pulse of the market faster than traditional research methods.

Real-Time Survey Results

The KeyOps dashboard provides real-time survey results, providing insights and analytics as the responses are returned. Our powerful analytics engine turns your raw data into comprehensive reports exportable to multiple formats including CSVs, PPTs and PDFs.

Cost Effective Market Intelligence

KeyOps’ scalable solution is designed to optimize your market research efforts, guaranteeing that you only pay for the results you need and your costs are kept to a minimum.

Ready To Get Started?

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