Frequently Asked Questions

What is KeyOps?

KeyOps is the physician engagement platform that turns your opinions into instant CME credits and rewards.  

You join the community, get short engagements that you can respond to when you have a few minutes – and you get rewarded for your expertise, immediately!

That’s it. It’s as simple as that. KeyOps takes care of the rest and lets you focus your time on what matters most to you. We will provide you with a comprehensive and transparent record of all your engagements and any earned honorariums or CME credits.

How much does it cost?

KeyOps is free for our physician members and always will be.

What is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL)?

KOLs are respected practicing physicians who are recognized by their peers to be content experts and thought leaders in their specialty.

Who can join KeyOps?

KeyOps membership is by invitation only. If you know a physician who you feel could contribute to our community of experts, please don’t hesitate to invite them to join. Requests for membership are accessible on our website.

Who is asking the questions?

The questions may come from industry, government agencies, hospitals, physician associations, health-tech startups, market research companies, and anyone else needing rapid feedback from physicians.  Sometimes they may come from other physicians looking for insights from their colleagues.

Who is paying for my responses?

You will receive honorarium from KeyOps for any paid engagements. Other engagements allow you to earn CME credits. You will never be contracted, paid, or contacted directly by any life sciences companies or industry partners.

Are my responses confidential?

Yes! We treat your data like Patient Health Information (PHI).

We have built KeyOps to be private, secure, and conflict-free for our collective and individual compliance.  Your personal information is never shared with or sold to any third parties, and all responses are anonymized and aggregated.  No identifying information is ever attached to your responses.

How does KeyOps make money?

KeyOps receives payments from a variety of organizations that are using our platform to send out digital engagements. 

We DO NOT receive money from our members, take a commission from your payments, or charge associations or other physicians for sharing surveys, CME, and other content with the community.